XHarness runs your system tests

XHarness is a system test harness for Apache Ant. It allows developers to describe their product/system tests in the form of XML as part of an ant build file, describing the tasks and processes that comprise the test cases and what their expected behaviour is. It has powerful process management capabilities, that extend the existing Ant process tasks (exec, java) to allow asynchronous execution of java and native processes (e.g. for client-server tests), synchronization between multiple processes and complex assertions on process and task output (stdout/stderr, file output, coupled with timeouts, etc.). It also has the concept of a "service" that encapsulates the necessary infrastructure for testcases to run (e.g. a Webserver) and adds a number of other useful tasks to the Ant framework, like environment sets and an equivalent to the Unix "which" command.

XHarness tests are executed by the Ant framework and the output produced by all tasks and the test results are captured. In that respect, XHarness works similar to the Ant junit task in that it runs testcases and tasks/processes associated with these tests and at the end produces an HTML summary of the tests, listing the result of each testcase as well as the output of the testcase's tasks and processes.

Since version 1.0-beta-4 XHarness supports both Ant 1.6.x and 1.7.x.


4-January-2010: XHarness 1.0-beta-5 has been released. ChangeLog

1-July-2009: XHarness 1.0-beta-4 has been released. ChangeLog

5-February-2009: XHarness 1.0-beta3 has been released. ChangeLog

8-August-2008: XHarness 1.0-beta2 has been released. ChangeLog

24-October-2006: XHarness 1.0-beta1 has been released.

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